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Recently available from the private collection of one of the miners who found "The Dragon" and many other world class pieces of gold from the Mocking Bird and Colorado Quartz Mines, This piece of Crystallized Gold from The Mockingbird Mine in Mariposa California is a world class piece of history. Absolutely exceptional crystallization, luster, brilliance, and shine set this piece miles above and beyond what most miners ever dream of finding. An absolute treasure for any high end collector. This piece is best compared to fine art. A Picasso of Gold so to speak. A piece such as this will command an extremely high investment premium only to rise in the future and completely uninfluenced by the price of gold. This is an extrodinarily rare, one of a kind piece. Please call for more information. Offers considered. (970) 699-2750

World Class Mockingbird Piece (44.88g)

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