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Includes four Garrett pans and recovery accessories


SPEC & DETAILS - PN: 1651410


  • Includes 14″ Gold Trap pan, 15″ SuperSluice pan, 14″ Sifter/Classifier, and 10″ Backpacker pan
  • Also included: Gold Guzzler bottle, two gold vials, and tweezers/magnifier
  • Lightweight green pans provide enhanced gold visibility
  • Must-have for recreational gold seekers!



Embark on a thrilling prospecting journey with the Garrett Deluxe Gold Pan Kit, a collection of gold pans designed for every recreational and electronic gold seeker. This all-in-one package combines functionality with innovation, offering the tools needed to discover the gold hidden in streams, rivers, and many outdoor environments. This gold panning kit is a valuable partner in the search for gold. It includes a variety of pans and accessories, each chosen for its effectiveness and ease of use. This ensures that prospectors of all levels can find gold with confidence.



  • Versatility: Includes a variety of different-sized gold pans for larger finds or sifting through debris. Each pan has its unique purpose and features for specific environments.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Our green color pans enhance gold visibility, making it easier to spot tiny gold flakes against the pan’s background.
  • Riffled Design: The 90-degree riffled design in each pan ensures rapid and safe gold recovery in wet and dry conditions. It prevents gold from sloshing out of the pan.
  • Educational Material: Includes a “how to find gold” guide that provides valuable tips and panning techniques for successful gold prospecting.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials, Garrett’s gold pans are virtually indestructible and withstand rugged outdoor conditions.


How does the Gold Guzzler bottle work?

The Gold Guzzler is a snuffer bottle (aka sniffer bottle) that is used to suck up small gold nuggets and flakes from your pan. The snuffer tip allows for the precise collection of fine gold pieces.


What are the best environments to use my gold sifting pan?

Some of the best places to find gold with your pans and sifters are local rivers, streams, beaches, and other wet environments. The flowing water in these locations washes away lighter materials and leaves behind heavy materials like gold.

Garrett Deluxe Gold Pan Kit

  • Sales Tax has been automatically included in the purchase price of this product.Sales Tax has been automatically included in the purchase price of this product.

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