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SPEC & DETAILS - PN: 1142720


  • Includes 13" DD searchcoil and 7" Mono coil.
  • Ultra-Pulse Technology provides enhanced sensitivity and complete environmental versatility.
  • Four settings, to help find gold of all sizes.
  • Lightest detector in its class, and collapses to 25″ for transport.
  • Terra-Scan dual channel ground balance system.
  • Iron Check feature to help audibly identify iron targets.
  • Built-in wireless, with MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headphones included.
  • Superior electrical interference elimination!
  • Headphones can connect with wireless Z-Lynk or with ¼" headphone jack.


Enhance Detection With a Pulse Induction Metal Detector

Experience the potential of gold prospecting with the Garrett Axiom metal detector. With cutting-edge Ultra-Pulse Technology, the Axiom excels in identifying target objects in the most extreme mineralized soils. Our innovation in pulse induction technology enhances this detector’s flexibility, allowing users to discover large gold nuggets and small pickers. Choose from the four current settings, including Fine, Normal, Large, and Salt, to ensure the best metal-detecting experience. This pulse induction detector is lightweight and has a built-in lithium-ion battery, providing up to 16 hours of battery life on a full charge. The Axiom isn’t just a tool but is a revolution in gold prospecting. It sets a new standard for treasure hunters wanting to push their limits.


Other Features

The Axiom pulse induction detector has advanced features that cater to the diverse needs of gold prospectors and treasure hunters:

  • Search Coil Options: Includes a 13" DD searchcoil and 11" Mono searchcoil for an enhanced detection range and versatility in different environments.
  • Power Supply: A built-in lithium-ion battery offers 16 hours of operation, twice the battery life of some other prospecting detectors.
  • Audio Options: Allows for two audio threshold options, a PWM audio or VCO audio, providing clear and distinct audio cues for metal target identification.
  • User-Friendly Control Box: Includes volume control, iron check, and threshold buttons for quick access and a full range of controls for users.



Are there any additional accessories recommended for the Axiom?
At Garrett, we sell various accessories for your gold detector, including the AT Pro-Pointer and Garrett Razor Relic Shovel. Purchase these accessories separately to add to your treasure-hunting journey.

What types of environments are best for this PI metal detector?
The Axiom handles a wide range of ground conditions, including heavily mineralized soils and saltwater beaches. Its ground balance feature is excellent at finding gold in challenging saltwater environments.
How does the Axiom work?
The Axiom is a PI detector designed for gold prospecting. When a metal object is detected, the device picks up the object’s magnetic field and alerts the operator. This device is the best detector for identifying both small objects and larger gold nuggets.
How do I keep my metal detector in optimal condition?
We recommend storing the Axiom in its travel bag to protect it when not in use. This protects your equipment from potential damage, ensuring excellent performance and longevity.

 Garrett metal detection products (detectors, pinpointers, and searchcoils) include a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Garrett Axiom with 2 Coils & MS-3 Headphones

  • Contact Bryan at for returns. Garrett metal detection products (detectors, pinpointers, and searchcoils) include a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Sales Tax has been automatically included in the purchase price of this product.

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